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Serving both domestic and commercial clients, we at Lyndhurst Gardens pride ourselves on providing a reliable, knowledgeable and comprehensive tree surgery service. 

All of our staff are appropriately qualified and we work to key British standards to ensure that the well-being of your trees and our environment is always maintained. 

Primarily based in Doncaster with a secondary operation near Kings Lynn, we cover all of South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk and, surrounding areas.

If you require our services, contact us now and let us see how we can help. 


Cutting down a tree in a single section using technical cuts to base, providing there is adequate space.

Crown Reduction

Removing specific growth within the crown to thin or reduce the canopy.


Removing a tree in sections, usually due to tree health or surrounding hazards/objects, ideal when there is limited space. 

Crown Lifting

Removing the lower branches of a tree to lift the crown to the desired height.


Cutting limbs and branches to form a desired shape or improve tree health. 


Cutting a tree back to its central limb structure.


Planting service.

Hedge Trimming

Trimming of a hedgerow to maintain appearance and density.

Stump Removal

Removal of tree stumps using specialist machinery.